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Eligibility Assessment
Documents Aquisition
Legalization and Translation
Submission of Application

Having Italian Citizenship has Advantages

Dual citizens can receive the benefits and privileges offered by both Italy and the U.S. Becoming Italian means to be able to work, reside and study in Italy and in any of the other 26 EU countries (U.K., France, Germany, Holland etc.) without the need for a Visa. Main benefits of the Italian Citizenship are among the others:

  • Having access to two social service systems
  • Benefitting from fast track lines when you enter any European Countries
  • Facilitating the access and relationships (travel, business etc.) to friendly EU foreign countries
  • Can vote in either country
  • May be able to run for office in either country
  • Attending school in either country at the citizen tuition rate
  • Ability to purchase and own properties in either country
  • Allowed to carry passports from both countries
  • May qualify for pension in both countries

Our Services

Eligibility Evaluation

Easy and fast way to check if you have the basic requirements to apply for Dual Italian Citizenship by descent.

Turnkey Service

We do all the work for you (from A to Z), including the consulate application and the securement of appointment

Assistance Pacakge

Have you started the process but don’t know how to finish it? Easy Italian citizenship is the solution.

Application in Italy

applying directly in Italy is more expedite and cancels any complications that can occur when the consulate finally forwards your documentation to Italy to be registered.

Final Review of Application

If you are not sure if everything is in perfect order we will review all the documents, legalizations and translations and valuate the quality of your citizenship kit with just one week turnaround.

Spousal Citizenship

Assistance from start to finish with your spousal citizenship application.

Eligibility Evaluation: free of charge

Turnkey Service: $3,000 and up

Assistance Package: $2,000 and up

Application in Italy: $5,000 and up

Final Review of Application: $500

Spousal Citizenship: $1,500 and up

Send us an email or give us a call to schedule a free consultation with a dual citizenship specialist. Our representative will assess your case to make sure you meet the basic requirements and help you move forward with the process.

Easy Italian Citizenship (EIC) is the best service provider offering a worry-free and accelerated application program. Thanks to our network of professionals, Italian lawyers, translators and experts in dual citizenship we are able to handle the citizenship process quickly and smoothly, but always maintaining high standards to ensure the best quality services in the shortest period of time.

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We are Italians and have offices in
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Contact us via email or telephone to speak with our specialists if:

1.You have Italian ancestors

2.You want to check if you eligible to apply for Italian Dual Citizenship

3.You want to add an Italian Passport to your US Passport?

4.You want to leave a permanent legacy to your children and grandchildren

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